Just scratching the surface


Hi everyone, or anyone I guess. First and foremost, I am far from being any kind of professional writer and honestly my skills in the English language are somewhat lacking. That being said, I will apologize for nothing. I wanted a way to put my thoughts out into the ether for my own sanity, but also to help those out there that might find something from my experiences. I am a loving husband of a beautiful woman, and we have two amazing children with another on the way, and a chocolate Labrador.

I have a full time career in natural gas and oil, a full time business as a landlord, a full time job as a father, and a full time job as a husband. The most important things to me in this world are my wife and kids. I have lived through some things in my life that are difficult and people shouldn’t have to live through, but it could have been a lot worse and I thank god every day for the strength and the life he has given me. I hope you enjoy the stories that I have to share and any feedback, whether positive or negative, is helpful to me. So thanks!